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Originally Posted by Zombie Barbecue View Post
(To forum): how much do you trim down your brisket prior to smoking, do you trim all the fat off or leave a bit on one side?
To me it depends on whether I'm doing slow & low or hot & fast... if slow, I trim more off leaving about 1/8th to 1/4". I don't like trimming away smokey fat, but I don't want to give the judges a big fat layer on the bottom either, so I leave just enought to "protect" the meat and still let it render away during the cook.
If hot & fast, I'll leave a bit more since it will usually render and I feel that I need more protection from the heat.

I have also started partially separating the flat & point before cooking, that way when I foil and separate the 2, I know exactly where to cut and they almost peel apart... so much easier! Plus you can trim some of that fat out and toss some rub in between.

With all that said, that is for cooking on the UDS and fat down. YMMV

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