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Originally Posted by Spydermike72 View Post
If you were already in line then the time doesnt matter, I would think if the rep was in front of the table and you were walking up that tells me that the time had expired... Can you please provide more details ?
The rep was in the small opening to the little porch where the table is located, chatting with some guy while telling me and the other teams to hurry up (an obvious statement since my site is three steps from turn-ins and I looked at my clock (12:34:49) as I raced past it to take those three steps).

I said "I know, move" or something similar. He didn't move, so I squeezed around him and pivoted left to where the table and doorway where and set down the box while watching the clock which was still face up. I stepped out of the way so the other teams could get past me and the guy.

I stood there for a minute while the table lady looked to the rep as to what to do and he said, "sorry, the boxes weren't down in time" and I turned to the lady and said, "because we couldn't get to the table through him" and he wouldn't make eye contact. I left, kicked something, took a shot, then went back and asked to file a formal complaint. They brought the rep back out who claimed he had been standing off to the side of the table watching the clock and that we were 4 seconds late. Really? He could see the clock through the back of his head while standing in my way? And that lie really enraged me so I glared at him from my site the rest of the contest.

Again, should I have given myself more time and avoided the whole issue? Ideally but my box cracked and I had to build a new one but for me not to be able to get three steps in 10 seconds is ridiculous. In my mind we were basically lined up as time was expiring waiting for access to the table but there attitude was that I should have knocked a rep and fellow competitors down like I was fighting linebackers to score a touchdown.
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