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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by tommykendall
I'm not pinning anything on anyone in particular but I've been seeing a lot of this "finish off in the oven" stuff. We getting old or is this an unwritten unconfessed trick?
I think this comment comes more from what cooker you're using and possibly the weather conditions. Jumping up every 30-45 minutes to check the temps on a 'dera just simply wears your a$$ out, especially if your 50. Something more user friendly like a WSM or a double insulated cooker allows you to relax more.

Here's an example:

Two weeks ago, I had some customer orders for 2 briskets, a pork butt, and 4 slabs of baby backs. I check the weather and see that the wind is going to change directions and a cold front is moving in. First thought, call the Bellys and see if I can use the Blue Goose. No go, the door gasket has worked loose and is in the shop. So I gotta use the 'dera.
I put the 2 briskets in at 9PM and the butt at 10:30. Pretty good night going until 5AM, when the cold front moves in. OMG! Constant 15 mph winds from the north, no shelter for the 'dera, and I'm using fuel like you wouldn't believe. I send the wife to the store for more charcoal, knowing I was going to need lump with the temp change. None to be found.
To make a long story shorter, after 18 hours and close to 60 lbs of charcoal used, we simply couldn't take anymore. I'm very fortunate to have a wife that likes Q'n as much as I do. This time, we both threw in the towel and moved to stuff to the oven!
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