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Originally Posted by nlsteve View Post
Hi folks.
I just acquired this, which I think is a large BGE. $125.
Going to try to whip it into shape. See the link:

I was wondering what you think I should do (if anything) regarding the crack through part of the lid. Squish in some JB Weld??
I do hope to do some high temperature cooks, as well as the low & slow stuff.

Any other suggestions (including repainting advice) are also welcome. Also, if anyone has a serviceable used large firebox they want to sell please let me know.

I did post this on the BGE forum, but it pretty much got swept away with the tide of new threads. . . .

Thanks, Steve

Screw the BGE forum! If its not a gen-you-wine Big Green Egg they will moderate and delete the post.

What you have is a Kamado, as to what brand, that is the million dollar question. I've used Hercules High Temp Furnace Cement to repair mine. I'd be curious to see how the Axner product works? I have tried Red Devil and Rutland cements that had 2000* ratings and failed.

The Imperial Kamado site USED to have repair tips and a link to Kamado King, but the domain name has expired and with it went a wealth of info and historical pics. So you might try the New Kamado King or E-bay for a firebox.
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