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Default Experiment: Smoked Bacon-Burgers & Garlic Corn on The Cob

Hey Everyone!

I consider myself still somewhat of a noob when it comes to smoking since not too many recipes have been tried out on the smoker. We've done pork ribs, beef ribs, tri-tip, and a chicken, but mainly gone with store-bought rubs & sauces. However, last night we decided to experiment with the smoker and I thought I'd share with you all and get your thoughts on it.

Smoked Bacon-Burgers & Garlic Corn on The Cob!!

You read that right. Smoked. Bacon. Burgers. Now I'm not just talking about burgers with some bacon on them. No no no. While looking for a good local meat shop, I found one that made "bacon-burgers." Obviously intrigued, I asked them about 'em and bought one at a cheap price considering how big they make the patties. These guys are geniuses because they actually grind bacon into the ground beef, so every bite is infused with bacon-y goodness! Easily the best burger I've ever had. Having had smoked burgers before, we wondered what a smoked bacon-burger would taste like.

You can see here, they're some good sized patties. They didn't need any seasoning at all. The Corn we soaked in water for about 2 hours in the husk but removed the silk. After the soak they were given a generous rub of butter and garlic salt.

Into the smoker they both went for an hour and a half at 225. Sadly it got dark too early so it's hard to see our pretty smoker. We used hickory chips for smoking.

Almost done!!

And voila!! Smoked Bacon-Burgers & Garlic Corn on The Cob. Letting them sit a few moments before serving them.

As you can see, they came out a perfect medium to medium rare. The corn had a slight crisp to it while still maintaining that juicy goodness with a great smokey-garlic taste. The burger was so good I didn't need to add any condiments! I'm the kinda guy that only wants to taste the meat. No bunny food!

While I believe the burgers came out great, I think I may save the bacon-burgers for the grill instead of the smoker. I have had them cooked each way now and I promise that they are excellent either way, so it mainly comes down to what flavor you want more of. On the grill, you get a really strong bacon flavor to each bite with a taste of something that reminds me of BBQ sauce (something I'm assuming the meat market mixes in to the patties) where as in the smoker, the hickory smoke seemed to overshadow the bacon-y goodness but draws out that hidden BBQ taste a lot more. I'm wondering if we should try putting just a handful of hickory chips in the grill next time?

Anyways, hope you enjoyed our lil experiment and let me hear your thoughts!
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