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swamprb, tiki,

Thank you for the suggestions. I checked out the Kamado accessories on the Kamado site, and I think I'll try the BGE accessories instead. They seem to be of higher quality, have a better range of adjustable features (better dampening effects, etc), and look like they'll work. I spent a little time at the BGE dealer down the street from my house looking at them on my lunch hour today.

After my visit, I decided that purchasing the draft door and draft top from BGE is probably the best course of action for me.

My visit, though, did raise another question - should I add the gaskets they have for the BGE to my Kamado? The Kamado definitely leaks smoke from the ring while in smoke mode (top on, draft door half open, interior at about 275-300). I won't be buying them from the BGE dealer - eBay seems to have them for about half the price.

Also, those bands with the spring hinge are a bit expensive ($109). I tried eBay and Amazon and couldn't find them. Any suggestions, or should I just bite the hundred dollar bullet?

Any advice is appreciated.

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