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Default Patience.......................................... .;}-

I keep preaching patience for a while.Most of us have multiple smokers or grills, so put that brisket into the smoker and leave it SHUT! The heat and pressure will push the moisture in ,left closed you don't lose these;you are recycling moisture if you keep you trap shut! The look-sees waste all that lovely heat and moisture along with the pressure.
I agree with Funky,S/CBP is all you need,the flavor will be there,but you gotta be patient and vigil on keeping you temps. low. I would rather smoke a Brisket at 180*F chamber temp. ,real low for the first few hours then go to 220*F to get a good bark during the last 3-4hrs.
When I take a Brisket out of the smoker,I can use the side of my hand to remove the Point,no knife, then I can remove the fat as easy as rubbing it off the meat.
It's a little tricky to keep "Flo" at 180*,but it is every bit worth the trouble.

I keep a small but hot fire in her and control by adjusting the Inlet-

Hope this helps and,
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