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Originally Posted by jestridge View Post
Maybe it would do in chili, stew or a hash.
Sorry man - NO WAY! This stuff was so horrible that if you even got a small amount of the mush mixed in with a bite you would spit it out!
I would really hate to ruin a pot of chili trying to save some crappy brisket!

Originally Posted by Solidkick View Post
34 teams this contest and the brisket came in 29th...WTF??? There were 5 entries WORSE than mine?? You got to be Chittin' me!
That was the LAST time I've used tenderizer....the next year at this same contest we were 1st in brisket with a near perfect score.

Yea, brother, I've been there.....nice recovery with the Tri Tip!
LOL, that's jacked up when what you would consider unedible, scores better than someone else's pride & joy (presumably).

I have a confession to make... this wasn't the first time I've liquified brisket... However! This time was unintentional, the first time though - It was the first brisket I'd ever done and long before I'd discovered this great site.
All I'd ever heard about brisket is that it was one tough SOB to get tender and had to be cooked forever to get there.
I figured I'd give it a little help. Injected a flat with a beef broth concoction thru the ends and sides and let it sit overnight.
smoked it at 250* till it seemed tender, pulled it off let it rest.

It looked beautiful, great bark and color... Sliced it open and I could literally scoop the center out of it with my finger... it looked like a brisket doughnut. That was bad, but only 1 flat and just for me, not 200 peeps!
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