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Hello everyone. This is my first post. I found this forum looking for a How To for a UDS and THANK YOU! Got my barrel Friday and burned it out Sunday...I think. I just want to be sure that the color of the above picture is what the barrel should look like inside? I can look at pics on here, but they've of course all had multiple cooks or at least been seasoned. Mine held a washer fluid concentrate (methanol) in it's past life. I hosed it out until it ran clear before I took the cutting wheel to the top. Don't know what kind of liner if any it would have, but after a 5+hour burn the inside is a black color as when it started. The outside paint is off except in one small spot. I bought a propane Burner (weed burner) yesterday that I'm going to take to the rest of the outside tonight along with the inside (just to be safe I guess) but wanted an idea of color I should be expecting when it's good. Thanks . All that's left is to mount the grate and build the fire basket. Can't wait to throw my first piece of flesh on. My wife was not a meat eater when I met her, but through proper ordering (me telling her how to order her steaks and what not) and me cooking for her, she's realized meat can be extremely flavorful and soft like butter:D I can't wait to introduce her to the world of meat heaven.
If you have any concerns with it just buy a new drum for around $60 and then you won't have to worry about it.
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