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Default Dry aging beef

WellI figured I would get into dry aging, so I picked up a full ribeye. I took it out of the package patted it dry with some paper towels put it on a baking cool down rack and placed that in a cook sheet. Just to make for easy clean up and still let air to the bottom portion. I have a few questions if anyone help me out. Also, I do have a dedicated fridge that holds a constant 30-34 degress.

1.. Should I dry age with the fat side up or down? I could see how both ways would be effective. Either the moisture would evaporate and rise through the meat or it would drip out the bottom.
2.Should I put paper towels over the meat? I have heard mixed reviews about this. Most say do, but a few make the arguement that expensive steak houses don't so why should I?
3.Should I add a bowl of water for humidity?
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