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Originally Posted by deuceklub View Post
Now I'm a n00b so don't beat me up much, but it doesn't seem like anyone mentioned if he's losing alot of heat aroudn the seals. My Chargriller is terrible in that regard, so no matter what the temp coming out the sfb the leaking wouldn't keep it in to maintain?
I LIKE my firebox to leak, cause I'm burning sticks and I want more air for a cleaner fire.

Now for the cooker itself, I think you can go to a little trouble if you want to, but the leaks aren't a big deal unless it's windy, and a decent windbreak is a good thing, but a little harder to finagle than for my little wsm. This is why I've called the Char-griller a "fair weather smoker". If it's not bbq weather, the wsm gets the nod.
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