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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Yep, I've seen something similar first hand...except mine was at a competition in 2007...I got the grand idea to add tenderizer to my injection....I start my flats out fat cap up and flip over after about 4 the flip, all the flats nicely divided themselves into 3 pieces...FARK!!! The worst part was the taste and seemed the more you chewed, the bigger the bite got in your choice but to turn in or disqualify we put 3" long slices in the middle of the box and filled the outside edges with chunks and turned it it...fully expecting to come in DAL! 34 teams this contest and the brisket came in 29th...WTF??? There were 5 entries WORSE than mine?? You got to be Chittin' me!
That was the LAST time I've used tenderizer....the next year at this same contest we were 1st in brisket with a near perfect score.

Yea, brother, I've been there.....nice recovery with the Tri Tip!
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