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Originally Posted by mikeTRON View Post
3) I use the following guidelines to help me determine what to do:
low temp and low burned up charcoal: add a fresh batch of lit charcoal
low temp and low red hot charcoal: add a fresh batch of unlit charcoal
low temp and partially burning charcoal: the fire is choking, check the vents for ash or stray charcoal
high temp and low red hot charcoal: if you are using a water pan it might be low and your intake might need to be closed (is it really windy or are you catching a draft?)
high temp and red hot charcoal: the water pan is low, the vents need to be closed (i had issues when I moved my smoker and a wind kept stoking my fire) or there's too much charcoal on the pile.
Very helpful set of guidelines for adding charcoal. Usually, with my Chargriller(baffled, no SFB) I decide to refuel when
low temp and low red hot charcoal: add a fresh batch of unlit charcoal
. Tried that today, and it worked better than what I had been doing, which was -Preparing a half basket of lit charcoal and then adding it. By that time(an additional 10+ minutes), the temp had usually dropped even further and I had to open all the vents up until the white smoke went away.

This way kept it more stabile, and since the unlit charcoal seemed to light gradually, I didn't have to over-compensate for high volume of smoke and then shut back down again. Wherever you got that set of temp control tips, it's a good source! Thanks for sharing!
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