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Default Reaching/Maintaining Proper Temperature (The Basics)

I have a modified chargriller smoking pro (extended chimney, baffel, raised charcoal box in the side fire box).

I am still struggling with the basics and am wondering if any one can point me to a good step by step guide to starting a fire, getting the fire up to temperature, and maintaining the temperature over a short and long burns. Aka the basics of smoking quality Que...

Even with all of the modifications, I am having trouble reaching temperature. I have checked and double checked. I have a good and unobstructed airflow. I've been told kingsford charcoal burns really low and that could be the reason why I am not getting to temperature, but I am not sure and don't know what alternatives I have.

1) How much charcoal/wood is needed at the beginning to reach temperature? I usually work with a lit charcoal starter can/chimney full of charcoal added to the equivalent of one-half full charcoal starter can/chimney (unlit) in the fire box and then will added wood chunks until I get close to the desired temperature in the cooking chamber. But this is taking a very long time and not particularly working well.

2) How often do you add charcoal and/or wood to a lit fire?

3) Is it better to pre-light the additional charcoal/wood before adding it to the already lit fire box or add unlit charcoal/wood to the fire box?

I know this is more art than science -- but I'm spending lots of money/time trying different things and nothing seems to be working. The angry girlfriend who wants to spend more time together isn't helping much either.

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