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Default Question about my Brisket

I but the brisket in the Vacuunader-1000 for about 36 hours. Took it out and covered it with a mix of Butt Glitter an a Brisket rub got from another site.

I was reading about the hot and fast cooking method and thought I would give it a try, sort of. I loaded lump and ran it around 280 - 290 and used Plum wood for the smoke. I smoked it for the first two hours and then tried to keep it around 180. This is what it looked like Fat Side Up @ 3.5 hours, and the probe read 170.

The probe was in the end of the flat. I flipped it and moved the probe, only to read 148 .

After reading (on this site) about brisket, I understand it's not all temps, it's feel as well. The point feels good and the probe meets no resistance, but the flat still pushes back.

It's been 5.5 hours now, grate temp @ 268 and internal at 149. Do you think I'm OK at this point and just let it go until the flat softens up the touch, or is there something I need to be doing?

This is what it looks like now, Fat Side Down

OK, if it makes you happy call the fire department.

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