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Originally Posted by MACS View Post
Maybe I AM taking it off too early. The point is usually the bomb with the flat being just a bit dry and not as tender.
Maybe you answered your own queastion, and just haven't been cooking it enough. There's a much larger window of pulling time for the point than there is with the flat, especially if you're chopping or doing "burnt ends" with the point instead of slicing. The point is so rich it seems to never dry out, BUT I'm of the opinion that the flat WILL start to dry out, AFTER it reaches the falling apart stage, just like a pork butt will do. (Upon opening the foil after resting:"Where's the rest of the juice?"...."Uhh, in the water pan")

Your comparison between the flat and the point though, makes me wonder if you're expecting the flat to somehow end up like the point, in (texture and moisture). They're really completely different pieces of meat, and I guess that's why they refer to the different parts in Texas as "moist"(point) and "lean"(flat). Anyway, the more fool-proof method to get the flat to be "more like the point" is to foil at around 160 or cook in a pan the whole time. However, IMHO it lacks the flavor and texture compared to no-foiled bbq-ed brisket.

As far as general suggestions go, since you're cooking in a wsm, I'd suggest cooking 275 and under since you ought to be cooking big packers on the bottom rack under pork butts. I've only done it once so far, but the pork baste makes for the best brisket bark I've had so far, and no, it didn't make it taste like bacon.....just better, richer. FYI, I used Jim Goode's rub recipe for this one. If you're thinking that's too much meat to consume in less than a week, just freeze some. I'd suggest seperating the brisket and freezing the point and flat parts without slicing, and eating the pork butt.

Good luck with it!
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