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Originally Posted by bclinton View Post
You sound like me. The exact same thing I ran into. I found out my problem was cooking it at too high of a temp. I used to cook around 225-250 and it would look great, have great flavor but not be tender. I changed my temp back to no more than 205 and smoke. Pulled at 190 and wrapped. It used to take about 14 hours to do a brisket the old way - now it takes at least 20 for about a 10 pounder. Don't let your temp get above 205-210 and slow cook it. That worked for me....
20 hours on a smoker for a 10# brisket - ouch! That's a whole lot a beer drinkin time but if it's working for you and you don't mind the cook time then no problems. We started doing the Popdaddy method cooking in the 285 range and waiting for the brisket to tell you when it's done with spectacular results. You CANNOT go by internal temp on a brisket - have to go by feel. Just did an 11+ pounder last weekend (best briskie to date) and it was done in 7 1/2 hours and was wrapped for 3. Couldn't even tell you what the final internal was.
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