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Default Briskets...

I have done a number of them on the WSM since I got it in May. One turned out perfect. I mean, tender, juicy, flavorful... my wife loved it, her coworkers loved it, MY coworkers loved it (I like to share). It was the first one I ever did on the smoker.

I used to cook them in an aluminum pan, in the oven, covered in foil. They always came out perfect, though not even close to the taste I get on the smoker, obviously.

I have been chasing THAT brisket ever since. Made some good ones and great ones, but not the perfect one...

I have flipped it, I have not flipped it, I have pulled it at 185, 190, 195...

I have sprayed it with apple juice, I have not sprayed it with anything, and I have let it rest in foil in a cooler and on the counter.

What the heck am I not doing right? Why can't I get it to come out perfect, like that first one? I tried to duplicate everything on the 2nd and 3rd cook, but when that didn't work, I tried the other methods listed above.

Pork butts I got down. I did some ribs that rocked the casbah, too. Smoked Brisket is frustrating me. (I haven't even tried chicken yet)

Any advice, gentlemen?
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