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Default Charcoal Basket Question

I just got my charcoal basket that Char-Griller makes for their SFB, and it's way too small, with sloping sides, and I think the spacing of the bars is too wide. I don't hold out much hope for this:


Has anyone tried using one of those square "grill woks" as a charcoal basket? I see them for about $20 online, but again, I'm not thrilled with the sloping sides:

Or, alternatively, has anyone tried using a modified deep fryer basket? I saw one for about $31 dollars:

It's 13L x 12-1/4W x 5-3/8H, and I figured if I could cut off the handle and hook (and maybe add some loops to pick it up with) it might work pretty well.

Comments or suggestions are always welcome!

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