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Chris - absolutely fantastic tutorial - clear, concise and to the "point". Thank you so much! I'm just now finding this post. Been doing a lot of brisket reading to help improve our comp brisket. This thread confirmed what we have been doing right and helped solve what we've been doing wrong. Like others, on earlier briskets I was confused when the point would probe tender but the flat would still have resistance. Finally occurred to me that the point because of its higher fat content will probe tender well before the flat but keep cooking UNTIL the point and the flat probe the SAME. The point will not overcook in this time and as you said once separated can go back on the smoker for several more hours to make burnt ends w/o fear of drying it out.

So Chris - if this is Bigabyte Brisket 101, when can we expect the intermediate or advanced BB 201 or 301? I for one would love to know what extra steps you take when you really want to put out your best brisket! Thanks again!
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