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Originally Posted by BigButzBBQ View Post
Yeah, contemplating the cost part of all that meat is what makes me the sickest.
Well, briskets were $1.65/lb @ wally world... and it was prolly closer to 100lbs of brisket (average 14lbs each x 7= 98lbs) so that cost about $160... 56lbs of tri-tip at $3.68/lb makes for another $200.... plus the cost of rub, wood, charcoal, injection <--

What was the most expensive was the cost of my pride...
Here I had to call a friend and tell him that there won't be brisket on the table that afternoon and was tri-tip an acceptable alternative (please say yes, please say yes! )...

The friend was paying me a few hundred bucks to cook... that turned into less... It was totally my fault, I couldn't ask him to pay for it. Live & learn!

Originally Posted by Alan in Ga View Post
Looks good for Bunswick Stew
Originally Posted by yelonutz View Post
Sounds like brisket tacos for the next few months!

Wasn't suitable for anything... I promise you, if you even got the slightest amount of the mushy stuff in a bite, it ruined the whole thing... it was incredibly gross. Wasn't even like the mush had good flavor, really strange.
Reportedly another friend's dogs consumed it all, but I think he might have just been trying to make me feel good that "at least the dogs liked it".

Originally Posted by Saiko View Post
Oh man I didn't know if I should laugh or cry!
Laughing now (kinda), crying and angry then... I really cant convey how horrified I was upon discovering it, especially just hours before folks would be lining up for chow... very little sleep makes thinking & problem solving really difficult.

I heard once that the enzymes that are used as tenderizer (bromelain & papain), work much better/more aggressively at warmer temps and then are deactivated at around 160*... On a steak it wouldn't be a big deal since it's only on the surface and starts warming and then quickly hits 160*. I think the big problem for me was (and in BBQ in general) is that you put a large hunk of meat in a 250* smoker and then it takes the next 8 hours to hit 160*'ish... it has all that time to break down and eventually turns it into expensive dog food...
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