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Default Rule changes for KCBS competetions

There is a post on DrBBQ's blog... (his words are in italics)

"I attended the KCBS board meeting last night via the phone. This is the meeting where rule changes are discussed. There were a few small adjustments and a couple big issues. One small one that I voted against was adding the words "No par boiling or frying". I think many cooks are braising their meat and if we're going to outlaw par boiling we should probably outlaw braising too. There was no support for my thoughts, a vote was held and this passed."

I thought that BBQ was a completely different method of cooking from par-boiling and braising and that each was ALREADY outlawed by KCBS. Guess I was wrong. It seems like we can braise the meat. Do any of you competetors out there do this? Any home cooks?

"There was talk at the meetings in the field of eliminating garnish all together. There was consensus among the board that this is a major decision that requires careful consideration. The issue was tabled until next year so that all KCBS representatives can talk to the members about this all season and we will revisit it next year. I agreed with this."

Personally I like the garnish. You eat with your eyes first.

"The last issue I will discuss today is the judging instructions. There was a thought from the earlier member meetings that it would be good to eliminate the wording "5 is average". There was discussion about returning to the start at 9 way but that wasn't supported very well. The board agreed to make this change."

I'm not sure what this last paragraph means. Is 5 still average?

Thoughts guys?
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