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Default New drum guy

Ok, so I got a free drum the other day, and now I have a few questions for all you experienced drum heads. Oh, and I have been trying to "do the homework", but so far am only through the first 100 pages of this thread (it's not a thread, it's a whole tapestry). I'll go back to reading after I post this. I'd like to build while I am at home this week, most of my work time is spent on the road. That's why I am jumping to the end here with my questions.

Ok... closed-top drum, cutting it will be no problem. Have set my Weber lid on it and it seems to fit snugly over the rolled top, like it was made for it. I have parts of another Weber in the garage that have been waiting for this to happen. I've seen big stacks, lids with 8 smaller holes drilled, etc.... is the Weber lid with it's stock vent enough for the exhaust?

So far (through those 100 pages), it seems that (3) 3/4" pipe nipples for intakes, one with a ball valve, are working well for many. Feel free to correct me if there are better ideas.

Charcoal basket size - my biggest question so far. I've seen low and wide and tall and narrow. What's the consensus? I am thinking around 14" in diameter, sides need to be maybe 8" high? More or less on either measurement? Pan underneath for ash containment, basket raised above the pan just an inch or two? Basket will be expanded metal with a handle for lifting from the drum.

Small things: Thermometer mounted in the side, just below the lower rack I think? Maybe a small hole or two for a probe thermometer, handles and casters are options I'm considering...
What am I missing? I'm certainly open to suggestions and criticism!
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