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Default First Pastrami - Questions

I brined my first pastrami last weekend and am planning to smoke it next weekend. I have a few questions though and any answers from folks who have done this before would be great.

1 - When I take the brisket out of the brine, how do I know it worked and the meat is cured? I'm guessing it will stink up the joint if if didn't work, is this correct? Are there any other signs to look out for? I don't want to make anyone sick

2 - Any recommendations on a rub to try for pastrami? I have plenty of rubs for BBQ that I make, but haven't really thought through a pastrami rub yet.

3 - I did a little research online, and the brine recipe I went with said to brine for two weeks, so currently that's the plan. Does this seem about right?

4 - Smoking - should I smoke this as I would a fresh brisket or does the curing cut out some of the cook time?

Thanks to all who may have some answers. I've wanted to do this for a while, but the curing/corning is way out of my comfort zone and I am most concerned with making anyone sick.
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