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Talking Cheese Stuffed Fatty Bread!

Being from Wisconsin, I would have felt like I was letting down my state if I didn't throw in something to the Cheesy Throwdown. This actually wasn't as easy as one would think it would be simply because, there are so many choices! Of course my wife came to the rescue when she put in a request for some sausage bread.
Now, I couldn't just let it go at that so, I decided to make it Cheese Stuffed Fatty Bread!
First we had to start with the main star. The cheeses! I picked up 4 different kinds made at Burnett Dairy in Alpha, WI.

I then sliced up a half pound of each of the blocks.

Then came the sausage team.

I combined both rolls and flattened them out in standard stuffed fatty prep.

Then came the cheese! Layers upon layers of it!

Time for the roll up.

Onto the UDS with thee! Did I mention it was dark out...

After the fatty was all smoked up, it went into the fridge to solidify a bit. Then it was pizza dough time!

Then the roll out!

I then created a netting out of the mozzarella string cheese whips on the dough.

The fatty reappeared and joined the party.

Dough got wrapped around ensnaring the defenseless fatty in it's cheese net while cocooning it.

Now at this point, I would love to tell you that it went onto the grill to bake but, right at this point for some reason the heavens opened up and sent a downpour upon my lit grill. So, into the oven it went instead to cook at 450 until it was nice and brown.

All that was left was to slice this bad boy up! I don't think I could have contained the cheese even if I wanted to.

This was some pure cheesy goodness even my wife had to hit this one a couple of times. Thanks for looking!
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