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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
If KCBS wants to grow, it needs a diversified and representative BoD. I appreciate the service that Merl and Carol have given to KCBS, but as a member I can't assume that the next potential couple, or some other prohibited relationship as proposed, will provide the same service.
I understand your reasoning, but I respectfully disagree.

1) There are no guarantees that of having a diversified board regardless of the implementation of this rule. I agree to a certain extent it would help force diversification to exclude family members, but then you have numerous other areas of concern for diversification that this wouldn't help at all. Look at the current voting blocks.

2) I am absolutely NOT in favor of limiting the ability of the membership to vote for who they think will represent them the best as a BoD member. Are there any voting members out there that did not think that Carol and Merle were at least related? They (the members) made their choice knowingly and I don't think that their choice should be hindered in the future.

3) This is setting a precedent for Board members where if they don't like the results of a vote that they should just continue to bring it up until it passes. Eventually, due to lethargy or shifting allegiances, it's going to pass. That's ridiculous and shouldn't be tolerated. This is the third time this has come up in recent memory. I admire persistence, but not when it is an attempt to circumvent the will of the members.

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