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Originally Posted by Ford View Post

And nepotism again.

Submitted by Candy Weaver, August 8, 2010
MOTION: "No related person of a currently serving director may run for a
position as director or serve as an appointed director while the
current related director is serving their elected term as a board
member. Related persons are considered immediate family
members, spouses or life partners sharing a physical address."
To be added to the Bylaws at Section IV, paragraph 3. Propose adding this as a
member-decided option to add to the Bylaws in the January election
I slept on this one last night.

The last two times it came up, I opposed it. It was clearly, in my opinion, aimed at Merl and/or Carol at that time. Unless I'm mistaken Carol stated that she didn't intend to run for an additional term and if reelected Merl would have been required to sit out the following cycle. Well, Merl is going to have to sit an election out after his current term expires and Carol isn't going to run again unless things have changed.

While I opposed this previously, I can support it now because the circumstances are different. If approved it's not going to prevent Merl or Carol from running in the future if some other related person isn't serving on the BoD at the same time.

If KCBS wants to grow, it needs a diversified and representative BoD. I appreciate the service that Merl and Carol have given to KCBS, but as a member I can't assume that the next potential couple, or some other prohibited relationship as proposed, will provide the same service.

KCBS is going through a period of growth that has the potential to take the organization to the next level. I think it's time to take some of the needed steps to run the organization like a business with the money that is in play.

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