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There are many excellent comments in this thread. Those I find pertinent are (bolded emphasis mine):

Originally Posted by DivaHerself View Post
I absolutely think that if a judge really wants to give out a 5 or below, a one-word descriptor (i.e. salty, spicy, fatty, dry, tough, raw, whatever) isn't asking for too much to justify it.

... It's a reminder in process that 6 is average, and if a sample is truly below average they'd have a good notion why.
Originally Posted by rweller View Post
As someone mentioned above I'm sure there are some judges that won't give a 5 or below because they have to fill out the comment card.
But then you have some judges(not many) that give them out left and right and it doesn't bother them to fill out the cards.<snip>
Originally Posted by Bentley View Post
I would like to see it mandatory, but don't think it ever will be. I believe KCBS might be worried you would drive those judges away if they feel pressured to do so...I think that would be the best thing that could happen to the judging pool...You need judges who are as commited to excellence in the judging as you do a cook competing.
I dont know how many times I have sat at a table with a non-CBJ or one that has judged 1-2 contest and they will give a score below a six and not even consider advising the team why...And I agree, the comment needs to be constructive and informative, if you cant articulate why you gave it a 3, 4 or 5, you have no business sitting in the seat.

Regarding the idea that "comment cards aren't needed because some teams win consistently, so just learn to cook better" from another thread:
Originally Posted by DivaHerself View Post
...part of a good teams's invaluable experience is learning how to compensate for the effects of the judging system. However, good teams' records are compiled over a fair amount of road time, which most teams don't put in; does that mean that the more occasional competitor doesn't deserve a consistent judging system?

The success of some teams doesn't mean that suggestions for improving the judging system are invalid; I don't think the answer is as simplistic as "cook better".

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