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Originally Posted by Smoke'n Ice View Post
Reading between the lines opens up a lot of questions. I would hope that someone on the board can answer them.
1. What was the real reason for the cancellation of New Orleans? Looking at the web site in NO does not show ANY OTHER cancellations and the supposed sponsor is still very involved.
2. If the documents requested of Candy & Tana were truly given to the office why did Mike Lake have to appoint a committee to look into the absence of compliance.
3. Is there more to the Linda M. story?
4. Who at Sam's is involved with the upcoming cookoff? I have seen nothing at my local Sam's nor on their web site other than KCBS.
5. Is the KCBS board now in competition with organizers, et. al.
6. Why was Sam's money given to only one organizer?
7. Having the membership vote on a bylaw change opens up a precedence as the BOD is the only authorized body that can change them. If, in the future someone does not like what the board did, they could take it to court based on this. IS THE BOD willing to chance this?

There are more, but I am beginning to think that the disorganized group of rabble rousers that we have for a board couldn't handle it. I suspect the NO REPORT is a darn good defence.

You actually want people to tell members what is going on? We the members don't need to know.

For the record I'd love to hear the answers to these questions. And the BOD should have access to everything that BOD members are doing and all should be discloded. They work for us!
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