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Default Agenda posted for 8/11 meeting

What the fark is going on with invoicing????

And what is all this,
Motion 1. That two members be reinstated as contest reps.
Motion 2. That two members be reinstated as Certified Barbeque Judge instructors

Motion 3. That one member be reinstated as a member of the Board of Directors of Kansas City Barbeque Society.

Motion 6:
A motion to ratify a statement by the Officers of KCBS.
No member of the Board of Directors or Committee Chairperson has the right the make policy, to enter into agreements on behalf of KCBS, to give consent to action, to engage or discharge employees or contract laborers on behalf of KCBS, or take other action which would bind or obligate KCBS without the explicit consent of the Board of Directors of Kansas City Barbeque Society

And nepotism again.

Submitted by Candy Weaver, August 8, 2010
MOTION: "No related person of a currently serving director may run for a
position as director or serve as an appointed director while the
current related director is serving their elected term as a board
member. Related persons are considered immediate family
members, spouses or life partners sharing a physical address."
To be added to the Bylaws at Section IV, paragraph 3. Propose adding this as a
member-decided option to add to the Bylaws in the January election
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