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I think the older, BBQ Kettle Webers used the intent - the current model Smokey Joe's and the Smokey Joe Platinum model also used an indent. Weber did make kettles for sale under the Sears name and maybe others. This grill, I would say, definitely was manufactured by Weber even if it wasn't sold under the Weber name. I have one just like it, and about the same age. The restoration hints - sand and touch up only the chipped and rusted portions, drill out the rusted rivets and re-use the vents, etc. - are dead on. You may have to drill and machine screw or nut and bolt the handle on top - mine is weak there as well and I'll probably do that procedure the next time I'm at the lake where the grill lives. Good luck and have a blast doing the restore and then cooking on the grill. They are amazing creations with incredible longevity.

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