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scottfry11: My kettle does have an indent for the grate. I can share with you what I have been told and what I have read online as those are my only sources of info thus far. Hopefully someone on here with more Weber knowledge than I can verify or debunk that info. The grill came from my mother in law where it has sat in her basement for years. She said it doesn't say Weber on the grill (and it doesn't) but the orginal box said Weber and she was told when she purchased it that it was a "second" so sold without logos. The vent has a "J" stamped on it and it looks like a Weber (except I will now check out this indent you noticed - thank you). Anyway I read online that Sears sold grills for Weber as did other stores that sold grill under the dept. store brand but they were made by Weber. Hopefully all that info I was basing my claim on is true as I would love to add this 22.5" to my squad.
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