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Originally Posted by DaveMW View Post
Harbormaster - thanks for the wealth of information.
You are most welcome!

Originally Posted by DaveMW View Post
mbshop: how do the vents clean up? Can I get them looking pretty clean with that method?
I'll answer that. Yes, you will. I have also found that using Greased Lightning cleaner with a green ScotchBrite pad does a great job of cleaning the vents as well. The Greased Lightning works real well at getting rid of accumulated goo between the vent and body of the grill too.
Meant to add this gem first time around: If the vents are misshaped a little, place the vents on top of an open cup, or something just a little smaller in diameter than the vent and gently press on the center of the vent straight down into the cup. This will get it's concave shape back. If you go a little too far, that's OK since when you reattach the vent with the bolt and jam nut and will be able to control the tightness right where you want it.
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