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I took the brisket off about 3:00 PM, the temps up until that point were:

1:30 PM, UDS 175, meat 195
2:15 PM, UDS 175, meat 193
3:00 PM, UDS 200, meat 191

The bummer was that a hole was ripped in the foil because it stuck to the grate, and I set it back down...i could hear my juices running out and hitting the coals , so I got some more foil to put on the towel that I wrapped the brisket with...hopefully it still had some in there. I tried to maintain 190-195 for a while (hopefully it didn't dry out or anything) partly to buy some time and partly because I wasn't convinced it felt like butter. It probed like butter right after 3:00 (9 hrs in the smoker), so I think I'll be okay. Dinner won't be til 6:30ish, so it may get warmed up in the oven...hopefully it will stay warm enough in the cooler. I'll get some pics and post them in after dinner...I haven't seen it since i foiled it and its driving me ...
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