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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by BBQchef33
116 nmiles from my house to there.. YOU KNOW I'll be there.. BrooklynQ what u doin that weekend?

August 4th is Jackies Birthday..... think shes gonna mind?
LOL haven't we been down this trail before??

"Brothers in Smoke" are in!!!! I got a call yesterday that we've been put in as the last team!! So we're goin to Conneticut for our first state Championship!

Right now.. the team is... uhhhh?......... me.
Greg cant get away. Colt is lookin into the logistics.. but I'm goin.. looks like me and Colt, or Me and Colt and my Daughter Jackie..... the First Brethrenette to compete.! Was flip floppin on attending cause

1- i just spent a whole week away from home..
2- my daughters B-day party was going to be that Saturday. Wehn she heard we got slid into a slot, she reschedule her birthday party overnight to have today.. I am typing this, surrounded by 9 13 year olds having a party at midnight and waiting for a friend with an ice cream truck to show up. She rescheduled her birthday so i can go... So now


So.. conneticut State.. here We come!!! next Saturday and Sunday..

Inspections are at 4PM saturday... First turnin is noon30 Sunday.
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