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Originally Posted by Aaren Cobb View Post
But if I weld the legs on with that lean, won't the smoke come out crooked too?

I have an angle grinder, but Home Depot and Lowes don't have a steel wheel to fit it so I bought one for my drill. It's the plug-in kind so no recharging batteries.

I've already painted the shelf brackets and the firebox door and they came out really well. Firebox is next on the list for early this week.
Hey again Aaren, Just being honest here when I say if you tighten those bolts properly, welding that seam is not going to be much of a performance improvement. Personally I'd leave it bolted. Just get some locknuts (not the kind with the plastic "gripper" though for obvious reasons.) Having the option to remove the FB to clean and do maintenance is a good thing. If you already have the welder guy coming over to do some work... deal with the legs instead... I think steady legs (and smoker) would make more of an improvement that the welded FB over the bolted FB. Again, just my 2. Just get her cleaned up nice and give her a nice spray job.

Btw Can you post up a shot of what the FB looks like inside?


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1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
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