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So I decided to take one of my Spicewine gauges that haven't been installed and I stuck it in one of the exhaust holes on top of the drum to see the difference (the other gauge is in the side about 9" down, just under the rack). These pics were taken back to back to show the temp difference that I am getting:

Alright, update temps so far (all temps in this post were from el-cheapo on the side)...

10:30 AM: UDS 190, meat 170
11:00 AM: UDS 190, meat 172
11:15 AM: UDS 190, meat 173

Current temp in foil:

12:15 PM: UDS 210, meat 183 (slow down, slow was supposed to be dinner, not lunch )

I wrapped the meat at 11:30 and the temp held at 173 throughout the foiling process. All the air that got into the UDS made the temp get up to about 300 or so. Should I hold off on putting it back in to let the coals settle back down?

I took a pic of the brisket before I foiled's it looking? (be honest):

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