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You will probably finish sooner than you expected since you removed the point. My experience with briskets has been they finish quicker than butts...usually about 5 hrs from putting them on until I foil them, then another 2-3 hours til "feels like budda" for an hour or two and there you have it.

You should hit a may only last 45 min or so...but don't worry...The meat will be done when it is done. If you want it to be done later...when you pull it, wrap it in foil, then plastic wrap, then newspaper (insulation) then plastic wrap again to hold the newspaper on, then throw it in a cooler with towels to take up any extra can keep it in there up to 5 hours usually....

Regarding the smoke question earlier...once you put the meat will get a white smoke...that is from the drippings hitting the coals in the fire basket...just make sure that before you put your meat on, you have a fine blue smoke... Never put anything on when you have a heavy white smoke when first firing up the drum.
Hope this helps...
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