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Thanks for the tips everyone. My target temp in the drum is 225, so I'm trying to keep the gauge at 200 or so...I just got my spice wine ironworks gauge in the mail, but I haven't gotten it on yet...this on has a really short probe (that's what she said)

Here are some updated temps:

7:30 AM: UDS 200, meat 153
7:45 AM: UDS 190, meat 155
8:00 AM: UDS 190, meat 159
8:45 AM: UDS 175, meat 166
9:30 AM: UDS 160, meat 165 (yikes?)

I plan on foiling it once it starts going up between 170 and 175. I've got all day and was planning to be done around 6 PM, so I'm trying to hold her back a little at this point. I just opened a valve to get a little more air to the coals...we'll see...
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