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Congrats Joey! Your first UDS Brisky!
Take what I tell ya with a grain of salt...or some other seasoning...

Start out with a good ol' piece of meat. I will not smoke a brisket unless it is a CAB (Certified Angus Beef) or higher. CAB just means that it is high choice or better. I've wasted too much time and money trying to save briskets that should have been destined for hamburger.

I would have left the point on. I personally think it adds flavor and juiciness to the flat when cooked together....of course, I've never cooked a brisky without a what do I know

Your brisket temp was 60 internal temp when you put it on? Try to get it colder next time...the colder the meat, the more smoke flavor is absorbed and the better the smoke ring.(or so I've been told by people in the know)

It's good you are keeping track of you temps...I highly recommend this to anyone getting started. Keep a log the first 10 or so times until you know it by heart. And don't fret the small stuff. It will get done when it is done. I don't know if you are planning on foiling it or not...either way...when the probe goes in like a knife thru warm butter...that is when it is done.

Also curious...what is your target smoking temp on your UDS. I've got short stemmed thermometers on my drums and while they register a constant 225...I know that the actual temp in the center of the drum is 25 to 40 higher...and sometimes, the upper rack is actually hotter than the lower rack (I use Weber lids...think convection oven) depending on how I have things arranged inside the drum.

Just some food for thought...hope it helps. Most of all, kick back and enjoy it

Hope to see some of the finished pron
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