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Default First Brisket in First UDS (2nd Brisket Ever) w/ pr0n

DISCLAIMER: Please feel free to give advice/tell me what I did wrong (or what you would do differently)

So this is my 2nd brisket, but since the last one was before I found this forum (or knew the first thing about smoking) I would call this my first "enlightened" brisket.

I'm sure I did a ton wrong, but the goal for today is to cook a decent brisket in about 12 hours. I got a 12# packer brisket from Kroger and decided to remove the point for a couple of reasons, 1) it wouldn't fit in anything in the fridge, and 2) to hopefully get it done faster so I didn't have to wake up at 3 AM to get started

woke up and got the briquette, lump, hickory mix going about 5:45 AM. By 6:00 AM the temp was 200 so I capped the two intakes and by 6:15 the smoke had calmed down. Here's the temp stats so far:

6:15 AM: UDS 200, Meat 60
6:30 AM: UDS 175, Meat 95 (uncapped the two intake valves)
6:45 AM: UDS 200, Meat 108
7:00 AM: UDS 245, Meat 130


1. Should my meat already be at 130 (coming up on 140 by the time I write this)? Could my UDS temperature gauge be that off and I'm smoking too hot?
2. Is it normal to get more white/gray smoke when taking the temp up (I got a good bit more smoke when I took the caps off to raise the temp)


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