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Default Starting on a Whiskey Barrel Smoker (WBS) -

A little while back I decided to build a UDS, then changed my mind - why build something ugly when I build something neat - a WBS.

While looking for a nice barrel I started buying hardware - stainless nuts, bolts, washers, etc, etc. Today Wifey and I drove from St Louis to House Spring and for $50 we picked up a light colored wood Whiskey barrel. Naturally the 18" x12 1/4" Mover's Dolly I purchased from HF doesn't quite fit on the bottom of the barrel, but it will when I get done with it

Since I carry about 100 pounds of lard on my body, its a bit too hot for me to work outside, but I got my barrel and I'm started on my WBS

I just wonder if I should build a charcoal basket out of expanded metal and a 22.5" weber charcoal grate or if I should just grab the charcoal basket from my 18" WSM.

pics to follow
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