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Originally Posted by FattyMac View Post
Looks great!

I've never had Tongue Q. I think it was braised when I had it before, however it was cooked it was good.

Do you have to peel off the outer layer? I recall someone telling me that about tongue, I'm guessing no since you would loose all your bark.
Yep, there's a really tough skin on the tongue, so in the case of cows tongue, every recipe I've seen recommends boiling them for an hour and a half to get the skin loosened up. I boiled it 1 3/4 hr in beer and water with a little white vinegar and some salt, and then let it set in the hot woater for about another hour(last night). Then I drained it and ran cold water over it. Used a filet knife to get under it, and peeled the skin right off. Ithen I put rub on it and let it set in the fridge the rest of the night. I used chipotle seasoning, garlic and cumin for the rub. Nelts in your mouth. Might chop some up fine and make lengua tacos out of it. That's how you can tell the authentic mexican restaurants around here... even if they don't have them on the menu, they can usually make you lengua tachos, if you ask.
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