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Originally Posted by 42BBQ View Post
Phrasty, keep the pics coming brother, this thread is awesome. If the rest of us had your skills this thread would overtake the UDS one. However, I would have to learn the welding/cutting stuff on the fly, not the best thing to start with. I want a 120 gallon within the next year or two. Where did you pick up the fabricating skills???
Thanks 42BBQ. I actually taught myself while making my other grills. I've always been pretty good with my hands so I guess it came fairly easy.. It does take time to master. I am by no means a Great welder, but I can definitely get by. Even without proper/formal training. I guess I'm just trying to say its not that hard...

Originally Posted by Phubar View Post
So...what shall I bring,I know you will take care of "dessert" around there.
You can never have too much dessert Phu...

1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder grill/smoker
1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
1 - 20 gal. self-made grill/smoker
1 - 25 gal. self-made vertical smoker
1 - 120 gal. self-made trailer stick-burner
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