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Just wanted to throw my .02 worth into the mix. I have been using Todd's Dirt products since I joined this forum nearly two years ago. I have met Todd and shared a meal together. Not only are his products on my list of "must have's", but he is on my list of good people!

I use Todd's Dirt in so many of my recipe's that I can not even begin to enumerate them. I can tell you that on Brisket; I coat the meat side with a good layer of TD, and then a good layer of my favorite rub for Brisket which is Plowboy's Bovine Bold. Combined these two products create the greatest "bark" I have ever tasted or seen.

For any meal that has a "red" Italian sauce of any type I have found that adding a coule of tbsp's of TD and I am impressed with how it add's flavor. Sometimes I use a bit of the Bayou Dirt in these dishes and am always pleased with the cajun based flavor profile.

I smoked some salmon a few weks ago and I coated the fish in butter and seasoned with Crabby Dirt and the fresults were fantastic. I also use Crabby Dirt in Tuna-fish sammy's! Mmmmm, good! I use CD or TD lightly on those chicken legs I love so much.

When I order TD I get the 1 pound size (which Todd created because I wanted to order larger than the original 4 oz. size becasue I was going through the small ones so quickly.) AND, I order them a couple at a time to save on shipping. So there you have it. Just a satisfied customer's input. My feeling is that you can put this stuff on just about anything (maybe not ice cream or cheesecake) and it will improve the taste. Those four teenage boys of mine keep a shaker of it on the table and use it like salt or pepper...
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