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Originally Posted by chaddie View Post
colonel00, with my UDS I have to get the hot coals in contact with the the other coals, so a small "kick" or a jiggle rod or whatever it takes, but I don't understand your " huge cloud of ash"..?? IMHO what you see as a cloud of ash is just the smoke setteling down.
So you don't have ash particles flying about when you do this? When I kicked it or nudged the charcoal basket with a rod, it produced enough airborne ash that caught the updraft from the heat and came out the top. If there had been meat on the grate, it would have been hit. I guess huge ash cloud is a bit excessive, but there was definitely a good bit of ash in the air. Also, this wasn't very forceful at all. Just enough of a bump to get the coals to shift slightly.
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