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So I finally got my UDS finished up and did the seasoning yesterday. I let it run for 10 hours or so to play with temps and learn a bit without risking meat. Now, during this process I experimented with several "situations" that I have read about in this thread and elsewhere. Unfortunately I came upon a couple things that I do not recall seeing specific discussions about (or maybe I have missed/forgotten the info).

One thing I did was to leave the lid off for a while to simulate a temp spike. As expected, after a bit the coals lit up and temps shot up. So, I put the lid on and worked on getting the temps back down under control. However, as I closed off the oxygen supply, the coals started to smolder and smoke. So, what do you guys do it situations like this? Obviously you want to avoid this situation but when faced with it, how do you guys get the temps back down without having the coals smolder and create the nasty white smoke?

My second observation and question is in regards to ash clouds from disturbing the coals. I have read where people say sometimes the have to give their drum a "kick" as the coals start to get covered in ash. There was even one guy (sorry, cannot remember who specifically) who built a fancy shaker contraption in his drum. So, I give my drum a kick yesterday to knock some ash off the coals and get a huge cloud of ash. Obviously this would ruin any meat that was on there. So, is there some ninja trick that people use or do you remove your meat for a minute until everything settles?

Other than these two questions I think I am good to go. Many thanks to everyone that has contributed to this thread and I hope to add my own contributions shortly.
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