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Wassup guys... well I been fighting the rain all farkin week! As 3:00 comes it's PISSING with rain, thunder, lightening... the works. Not quite the environment to weld in! However, I did get some work done today and I'm glad to officially say from this point on its just details (minus the obvious trailer problem... or lack thereof) So we got the firebox attached today and it went flawlessly! Was a bit nervous about it fitting snugly together, but it was like "buttah" Today we got the firebox on, cut the FB-SC hole and welded in the FB deflector. I'm getting there! Theoretically she can be smoked on now... Tomorrow I wanna deal with a bunch of the details:
• Exhaust chokes
• Finish up the coal grate
• Food grate hold downs
• Cleaning up welds
• Overall grinding of edges and smoothing out
• Do some welding touch-ups
• Tuning plate slides & push handles
• and hopefully light a nice farkin fire in there to loosen up the paint for grinding (not gonna get to sand blast!!!) Yeah that's gonna be fun!
•*and eventually I need to get some metal legs on her...
Ok guys here are the pics to date. What you guys think?

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1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder grill/smoker
1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
1 - 20 gal. self-made grill/smoker
1 - 25 gal. self-made vertical smoker
1 - 120 gal. self-made trailer stick-burner
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