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Default My new UDS... with Pron.... finally

So I've been building this UDS for a while. If I wasn't so hard headed, generally speaking, it could have been done in a weekend.... but NO, I had to weld everything!

So here is the soy lecithin drum my friend brought home from work.

And here is the beige paint of doom.

Future UDS builders: Save yourself the headache and get a completely unpainted/lined drum....... or pay someone with blast equipment to remove it.

Here I am after 4.5 hours inside the drum.

I could have bought grates for a 22 1/2 kettle. Nope.... just plain hard headed.

Fire basket components, with restaurant supply pizza pan, I mean professional ash catcher.

I used some angle iron to lift the grate of the fire basket 3" off of the ash pan. I could have used bolt like plenty of other people.... but this will make it more difficult if I ever need to change the height. <complete fire basket>

Here is the whole thing... pre-paint.

The whole thing, post-paint.

Now you may tell yourself, "this is not my beautiful wife." Sorry... I meant to say, "what are all those fittings for?" Well, my dear bretheren, I had plenty of ideas along the way (other thermometers, thermocouples, cigar holders, etc.).... and each idea deserved a fitting... so I put fittings everywhere.

Note to all of you on drilling your holes for the nipples/bushings/whatever: I had read that the best way was with a Unibit like product. So I looked all over and found one that wouldn't break the bank. The Unibit does not even come close to doing the job as well as a hole-saw. The hole saw takes 1/10 of the time, and give a more reliable end product. Maybe the unibit works better in a drill press.... I don't know, I couldn't get my drum into one.

My exhaust outlet. This was not my idea, and I got it from the Mother of All UDS Threads.... I just couldn't figure out which of the 450 pages it was on to give credit.

I added the option of a water pan / flower pot to my UDS. I have been cooking on a WSM, and I liked that abilty. Not sure this is the best way to do it..... but it's what I have for now.

Here is the final, ready for action, pic.... I'll try to keep it G-rated.

Thanks for noticing me.
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