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Originally Posted by Koopdaddy View Post
So I have read through maybe 80% of this thread and I am sure the answer was in there somewhere, but I don't recall which post.

I know using galvanized and zinc coated is not good for the inside of the barrel, but is it ok to use zinc coated handles for instance. The only handles that I have found at the local hardware are all zinc coated (for the top lid and side of barrel).

Also, what are some suggestions for alternative handles that wont get too hot to touch.

Thanks for your help
1) When the zinc is on the outside of the drum, it's okay. Also, for the threaded portion that is on the inside, you can take a torch to it and burn off the zinc. Just hold your breath/don't breathe the fumes.
2) I've found handles dissipate the heat fairly quick, esp. since the temp on a cooker doesn't really go above 250 at any given point (unless you want it to). Another alternative is the Weber handles which are plastic. On my drum, I'm using two simple cabinet handles - cheapest I could find.
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